Winter Spartakiada: Garden Ji Sungs Quickfire Southward Korean Translations

Winter Spartakiada: Garden Ji Sungs Quickfire Southward Korean Translations

Terror no, Southward Korean soccer large Garden Ji Sung wants to assist.

The Manchester Joint myth, who won four persons Prime League titles for his period at Old Trafford, is an envoy for the 2018 Games.

So if you see a Korean boarder drag off a patient tube work, but you dong’t aware how to speak them, Garden has fair the sentence for thou.

Or maybe you wish to say “which a threefold-lutz!” following an ice speed skater pulls off the go? Garden has got you coated.

To delight Garden’s 10 tongue tips in the conduct up to Pyeongchang 2018 clicking or bounce on the live video.

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