Trump Card Written Robocall For Roy Moore Policy

Trump Card Written Robocall For Roy Moore  Policy

The urge stresses the requirement for Moore’s voice in the Seanad and claims Jones “is gentle on criminality, poor on migration, supports miscarriage. Same’s bad for our war and bad for our vets. We dong’t wish him, and he as well, by the path, wants high taxes.”

“We requirement Roy vote for us. I am brake illicit migration and criminality. We’re house a much stronger war and defending the Other Correction and our profi-life values,” Trump card says in the urge. “yet if Alabama elects permissive Democrat Arc Jones, all of our advance will be stopped common cold. We already aware Democrat Arc Jones is a marionette of Nancy Pelosi and Cast Schumer, and he will voice in the Washington liberals each solitary period.”

The urge is else top-profile go by Trump card to increase Moore.

At a gathering Fri in Pensacola, Florida, that is close the Alabama boundary, the Ceo sharpened to who in the auditorium and told: “the guy is shouting, ‘We wish Roy Moore.’ He is law.”

The Ceo later told Democrats in Convention “wish outdoor national borders, high taxes, and by the government-run public health thoroughness how doesn’t job. Expenses a luck, doesn’t job. They are gentle on criminality. … How’s why we requirement a Republic in the Building. We requirement a Republic in the Seanad. We requirement more than of them.”

Trump card as well said the mob: “We cannot provide — the nation, the next of the nation — cannot provide to miss a chair in the really, really shut Joint State Seanad. We can’t provide it, guys. We can’t.”

Republicans conduct a 52-48 most in the Seanad.

The Ceo has often throw More democratic applicant Arc Jones as too permissive for Alabama.

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