Toronto Lady Very Frightened Following Man Intermittent Her Hijab On Road

Toronto Lady Very Frightened Following Man Intermittent Her Hijab On Road

“I thick felt very frightened and embarrassed,” the 11-year-old lady told at a news story meeting Fri.

The man close the kid of over Fri night as she done her way to high school in her junior sibling. He stretched the cowl off the lady’s coat and cut her hijab in a couple of pair of scissors, police force told.

Khawlah screamed and the man ran off, but he refundable a few protocol after to attack her once again, she told.

Authorities are studying the occurrence as a loathe criminality. It happened in a Toronto neighbourhood named for its variety.

Police force outlined the suspicion as 5 feet 7 inches in a slim construct who was among the ages of 20 to 30. He was tiring dark recipe spectacles, a dark with a hood pullover, dark trousers and tan gloves, police force told.

High school officials informed police force and Khawlah’s household once following the lady informed the occurrence to them, on to the Toronto Area High school Executive board.

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