Catalonia Poll: The Millennials Hoping For Autonomy

Catalonia Poll: The Millennials Hoping For Autonomy

Millennials love Galceran are amongst Catalonia’s largest ardent suggest for autonomy, though although they were unborn so following Gen. Francisco Franco’s many decades of dictator, a cruel head in Spain’s story how helps offer the schismatic motion its traction.

She plans to voice for Along for Catalonia, led by overthrown Catalonian ceo Carles Puigdemont.

“We are fight to protect our tongue, our mores and our civilization. The is which our ancestors fought to.”


The world finance meltdown has leftward a gen fighting to discover safe job. Job safety and possessing quite revenue to get a hypothec is a problem, and lot in their 30s yet dwell in their parent.

Worldíam Candelera, 28, who lives in Girona, polar of Barcelona, told she didn’t believe she would always be capable to provide her own household. Her parent excited to Girona — wherever down there is enormous supporting for autonomy — of the poorer southern area of Andalusia.

Now she supports autonomy since she thinks youthful human beings in Andalusia get all the assist time Catalans are leftward to parry for themselves.

“They get all our cash,” she told of the center by the government in Madrid, echoing thing separatist fighter leaders often claim.

The area has a tested recording of engaging invest, in almost a tertiary of all overseas companies in Spain selecting Barcelona as their basis.

It contributes lot more than in taxes (21% of the nation’s full) rather than it gets behind of the by the government.

Autonomy supporters include withdrawn on the disbalance, disputing how brake transfers to Madrid would rotate Catalonia’s budgeting deficiency in a excess.

“always with the economical meltdown in 2008, that hit Spain really difficult, youthful human beings include thick felt perplexed. They are wonder: ‘which happened?’ They said us how if we investigated, all would be penalty, and now we include no job, no cash, no building,” told Marina Subirats, a social scientist of the Independent College of Barcelona.

“thou include to know how it tool a lot for a gen how has no job or location in community while who promises to construct a new nation wherever all will be ultimate.”

On to Artis World, an organisation investigation abuse and dispute, joblessness and supporting for autonomy in Catalonia are related.

Supporting grew each year among 2009 and 2013 in link in joblessness. In 2014, while joblessness began to easy, so did supporting for autonomy. How impact is increased amongst youthful human beings since unemployment affects them disproportionately.

‘same autonomy motion is close-minded’

The junior gen in the area are the at first to dwell fully submerged in Catalonian civilization with Franco’s die in 1975. Catalonian is now the formal tongue in schools, and students are learned the area’s story, thing Franco didn’t enable.

Madrid claims how schools are indoctrinating family to supporting autonomy.

Sergi Typeface, a voluntary in the profi-independence organisation Òmnium Culture in Girona, told how Madrid’s accusations of indoctrination were fully unreasonable.

“same Spanish by the government fair doesn’t love how our schools learn the story of our nation, and how they spot out how down there are differences among Spain and Catalonia,” told Typeface, a 35-year-old.

But not all Catalans accept.

Grateén Salvador Santiago, 27, an app software developer for a business named The Mosted begun by millennials of various components of the nation says same’s pride to be Catalonian, but doesn’t wish the area to go out.

“I believe the autonomy motion is close-minded; he’s too inside-looking,” he told.

“if we’re Spain or no, anything will changing.”

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